For the final draft, I decided to completely change my design. I felt that my draft was too simplistic and not as artistic as it could be. For example, I used a substantial amount of text and I just placed a few images there. The majority of the feedback I received from my peers was that some of my photos were not cohesive with my concept. In addition, my TA stated that this project was more about photo and design versus the text. Therefore, for my revision, I decided to make to photo more creative and abstract. This project relates to my topic because it is about a yoga. The focal point is a woman doing the simple tree pose.

A few elements/principles of design that inspired me were color, symmetry, and text. To form my design and idea I looked online for different kinds of photographs and posters about yoga. I noticed how many posters used flowers or mandalas on the corners of their posters to add little extra details and symmetry, but I wanted to make the mandala more of a focal point in the photo. Also, I love how different kinds of type can completely change the look of the design. This is why I chose the font tempus sans because it was smooth and calm. One of the significant elements of my design is the mandala. For instance, mandalas are commonly seen throughout yoga. Many studios have tapestries, paintings or mats that have different kinds of mandalas on them.

I collected the majority of the photographs myself from different trips and the mandala is from Pixabay. I knew that I wanted to use the photo of the cliff and the model posing, so I built my design around them. I thought that the calm blues of the ocean and the beach vibe really embodied the tranquility of yoga. I started with the background photo of the cliff and ocean and added a vibrancy, contrast/brightness, and hue/saturation layers. Then I moved on to the different cutouts. For the sand at the bottom and the women posing on the stump I used the magnetic lasso tool and created new layers via copy. For the mandala, to get clean edges, I used the magic wand tool then made a new layer then I adjusted the opacity and the fill to make it more subtle. Then I added the simple phrase, “Yoga is more than just a workout.” Lastly, I added a simple vignette layer to the edges of the photo to add some more detail.

One of the challenges that I faced was trying to make the different cutouts look clean and full. For instance, the picture of the women was difficult to cut out because there were small parts of the photograph in between her thighs and elbows/chest. I solved this problem by using the eraser tool and zooming in to get clean edges.


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