I decided to create this logo to be a T-shirt graphic. I wanted to include a silhouette because I think that they are classy. In addition, I thought the lotus flower would add a pop of color and detail to the logo. Also while searching through “yoga studio logos,” a few common elements stood out to me. This was the use of silhouettes and lotus flowers. This logo is relevant to my topic because it incorporates a woman doing the dancer’s pose and a lotus flower. Lotus flowers are commonly used throughout yoga because it symbolizes mindfulness and spiritual development which is one of the main principles of yoga.


The design principles that inspired me were symmetry and color. The main elements of my design are the lotus flower and the silhouette. To include color in my design I created my own color swatches. I created a dark magenta to contrast the medium pink. Also to make the design more complex, I made each circle around the center a bit different. For example, the largest circle has a thick stroke, the middle circle is dashed and the smallest circle is cut and contains the text. I aimed to make every element of the design symmetrical by using shift/alt for the circles and using one “master petal” and the rotating tool to ensure symmetry in the flower.


After receiving excellent feedback, I decided to make some serious changes to my draft. First I played with different fonts and finally found the perfect one, Script MT Bold. This font gives off a calming look because of its smooth and cohesive strokes. In addition, I changed the color scheme because many thought that there was too much pink. To correct this problem I decided to go with a more classic black a white look with the only colorful element being the lotus flower. Lastly, I had to create my own silhouette shape because it is not allowed to use photos. To do this I used a combination of rectangles, circle, ellipses and other shapes grouped together in order to create my own women-like shape in the center.


The only element that I collected was a photo from to reference for the creation of the silhouette. I uploaded the photo then locked it and began adding different shapes such as ovals, rectangles or circles. After I began working on the lotus flower in the back. I used the ellipse tool, then the direct selection tool in order to elongate the petals and give the tops a point. After I had the general shape I made 5 copies so that each petal was symmetrical. Using the dark pink and dark magenta I created the gradient in the petals. Then I began creating the different circles. I used the ellipse tool and held down shift/alt to create a perfect circle. After I added an additional two circles, then changed the strokes and designs of the circles. Then I added text using the text path tool. After I created another circle to intersect the text and used the scissors tool in order to cut out the small portion of the circle, to see the text more clearly. Lastly, in order to ensure scalability, I expanded the appearance of all of the elements of the logo.

One of my biggest challenges while creating this logo was creating the flower. For my first attempt at the flower, I tried to just combine an oval with a rounded cornered triangle, however when I went to add the stroke, it was added to the triangle shape and the oval so it didn’t look like a flower. However, I went to the FAQ page and looked at the tutorial to make flowers and it was extremely helpful. The way that I solved the problem was by using the technique described above.



“Sunset Dancer’s Pose” by Max Pixel. Shared on with the Creative Commons Zero-CC0 license (Public Domain).