For the Unit 4 project, I created an advertisement for the new student center, The Chinook. The Chinook has its very own yoga studio so I thought it would connect to my theme of yoga by explaining the new studio and workout facility on campus.

The design principles that inspired me for this project were typography, sound, and different angles. To form my project design, I looked at other short advertisements for different facilities. I found that many incorporate a variety of videos/photos of the facility and its amenities accompanied by upbeat music. Adding the upbeat background music to the advertisement makes the environment of the Chinook feel upbeat and happy as well. In addition, the short interviews in the middle added an element of authenticity. This is because they are real users of the Chinook explaining why they enjoy it. My design process started with me creating the storyboard then I went out and collected the different videos, shots, and interviews needed to bring it to life. I also decided to make the video appear more professional by adding in certain effects like the fade in/out of music and different crossfades to transition between from choppier clips like the interviews. In addition, I added multiple different titles to explain the different amenities of the Chinook. I used the font Adobe Song because it looked professional but still fun. In addition, in order to improve the flow, I added crossfades to every title and dips to black in the beginning and ending of the ad to show that it was concluding.

I collected all of the photos and video used in the project using my Nikon D3400 camera. The background music was found on the music sharing website First I created the different files in order to organize my imports. Then I placed the establishing shot (timelapse) at the beginning then began to place the different videos and images in order. I used the left media panel and the mark in/out tools to select the parts of my shots that I wanted to include. While shooting my video I used the 3×3 rule, the rule of thirds and the 10-second rule to get prime content. Because of this, I used the razor tool as well to cut certain clips to better fit in the ad.  After the general structure of the video was created then I began adding in the text elements such as labeling all the facilities, listing the Chinooks hours, and the intro text. Lastly, I added different video transition and effects such as crossfades and a dip to black at the end. Furthermore, I used the audio transition, power crossfade, so that my background music would fade in and out and adjusted the volume of the music in the audio tab so it did not overpower my short interview clip.

One of the challenges of making my advertisement was collecting enough footage that was not shaky. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to rent a tripod so I had to film everything without one. This led to a few of shots being shaky. However luckily I recorded enough of each shot/angle because of the 10-second rule, so I was able to choose the best sections of the RAW footage.


“Pacific Sun” by Nicolai Heidlas, 2016 shared on under the attribution 3.o unported creative commons license. Found at