My favorite project this semester was the Unit 2 project with Illustrator. Illustrator was super fun because you essentially get to create every aspect of your project. I thought that making the logo was really interesting because it was something that I had completely thought up on my own. In addition, I really loved the photoshop unit. This unit taught me a lot about how to be a good photographer. I took the different principles that I learned such as the rule of thirds, exposure, different aspects of design and applied them to my design.

Currently, I am I fashion blogger for CollegeFashionista and I create all of my own content. I take my own photographs and edit them myself. The skills that I learned from photoshop really came in handy. I was able to adjust the exposure/contrast of my photos to really make the details stand out. In addition, because of this course, I have greatly improved my internet/blog writing. I applied this once again to my internship.

The career path I see for my future is one of a public relations specialist. I think that I will primarily use the skills from illustrator and blogging. I primarily want to focus on social media and branding campaigns so the blog maintenance and illustrator “logo” creation skills will really help accomplish that. Because of this knowledge, I can create different, fun and unique content for my clients that will greatly stand out.

I wish we would have learned how to use individual programs such as photoshop, illustrator, audition and premiere in order to create a project containing certain aspects of each project. This is because more often than not I think that many use multiple different Adobe CC programs to create their content. Ultimately, Youtube was an excellent resource, I had no idea there were so many different tutorials available. Youtube really helped because many users really broke down the more complicated techniques for the Adobe CC programs.

Overall I thought that COM 210 was an excellent introduction to multimedia content creation. I am very proud of the different content I have created this semester. In addition, I feel like I have learned so much important, useful information that I will take with me throughout my academic and professional career.