Hi my name is Kendall Hoy and I am a strategic communication major at Washington State University. In addition, I am planning on minoring in Spanish. I am originally from Sacramento, California but decided to make a big change and move to Washington. One of my favorite things is traveling. My junior year of high school I spent a year abroad in Denia, Spain and was able to travel across almost all of Europe. One of my goals is to visit every continent at least once throughout my lifetime.

A few of my hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, and photography. Since I can remember, I have loved music and I am currently a member of the Washington State University Concert Choir. In addition, I am a Style Guru intern at CollegeFashionista, a fashion blog. At CollegeFashionista I write monthly articles based on popular fashion trends that I have seen around campus. This internship allows me to showcase my writing, photography, and networking.

My ultimate career goal is to become a public relations specialist for a company in the entertainment industry, to incorporate my love for music into my career. Lastly, the purpose of this blog is to display the media content that I have created for my COM 210 course.