For this blog, I will focus on my fitness journey through yoga. I plan to focus on the practice of yoga by showing different routines/workouts. In addition, I want to share why I personally enjoy yoga and find out why other people enjoy it too! I primarily chose this topic because I have been practicing yoga for the past two years and I think that it is an excellent way to workout and relax.

For the Unit 1 project, I plan to create a poster showing the stages of a basic sun salutation. I plan to take pictures showing the different stages of the yoga flow. For my Unit 3 project, I plan to explain why I enjoy yoga and interview others. I plan to collect all of my photos, audio and video recordings with my Nikon D3400 camera and my audio devices on my laptop. However, at times, I might need others to film me doing certain yoga routines and poses.  

Throughout my search for inspiration, I found many different, unique and fun ideas that went with my topic. For the logo, I found one graphic that is a cutout of a person meditating, filled in with painted flowers. Also, I found a second graphic of a mandala, which is commonly associated with yoga. I liked these graphics because I could see something similar on T-shirts or as a logo.

In addition, I thought that this yoga sequence printable would be an excellent idea for the Unit 1 project. I thought that it would be fun to do something resembling a step by step poster, on a short yoga workout. Lastly, this yoga tutorial is simple and perfect for the Unit 4 project. This yoga tutorial goes through an easy workout for yoga beginners, and I thought that I could use it to draw inspiration to create my own yoga workout tutorial/video.