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Reflection Blog Post

My favorite project this semester was the Unit 2 project with Illustrator. Illustrator was super fun because you essentially get to create every aspect of your project. I thought that making the logo was really interesting because it was something that I had completely thought up on my own. In addition, I really loved the photoshop unit. This unit taught me a lot about how to be a good photographer. I took the different principles that I learned such as the rule of thirds, exposure, different aspects of design and applied them to my design.

Currently, I am I fashion blogger for CollegeFashionista and I create all of my own content. I take my own photographs and edit them myself. The skills that I learned from photoshop really came in handy. I was able to adjust the exposure/contrast of my photos to really make the details stand out. In addition, because of this course, I have greatly improved my internet/blog writing. I applied this once again to my internship.

The career path I see for my future is one of a public relations specialist. I think that I will primarily use the skills from illustrator and blogging. I primarily want to focus on social media and branding campaigns so the blog maintenance and illustrator “logo” creation skills will really help accomplish that. Because of this knowledge, I can create different, fun and unique content for my clients that will greatly stand out.

I wish we would have learned how to use individual programs such as photoshop, illustrator, audition and premiere in order to create a project containing certain aspects of each project. This is because more often than not I think that many use multiple different Adobe CC programs to create their content. Ultimately, Youtube was an excellent resource, I had no idea there were so many different tutorials available. Youtube really helped because many users really broke down the more complicated techniques for the Adobe CC programs.

Overall I thought that COM 210 was an excellent introduction to multimedia content creation. I am very proud of the different content I have created this semester. In addition, I feel like I have learned so much important, useful information that I will take with me throughout my academic and professional career.


Unit 3 Project Final Draft

For this project, I decided to create a Vox Pop style interview about people’s opinions about yoga. I asked three different people the following questions: What is your favorite thing about yoga? What is your favorite yoga pose? Do you think yoga helps you live a healthier life? This idea relates to my topic because it shares yogis’ favorite things/opinions about yoga.

The design principles that inspired this project were narration, music, and actualities. To come up with the design of my audio story I researched different Vox Pop interview podcasts. I noticed that many used narration and had subtle background music present throughout the interview. The narration in this audio story helps guide the interview and the actualities bring different opinions into the mix. In this audio story, I decided to use a narration in order to set the scene for the interviews. By using a combination of narration of the questions and the actualities I created a simple “acts and tracks” recording. However, I also decided to add a bit of background music to make the recording a bit more professional and fun. The music fades in and out as the interviews and narrations begin and at the beginning and ending of the audio story. The music is a simple acoustic guitar instrumental which comes off as happy and calming, a vibe from yoga that I wanted to give off in my audio story.

I collected the different interview segments by using the recording device on my cell phone. I found the background music from the creative commons website, First I uploaded the different tracks into Audition. Then I went through each track and deleted excess silence. After that, I reviewed the different actualities and used the razor tool to cut out me asking the various questions. Once I had the responses separated from the questions I began to use the move tool and align the multiple different tracks in a coherent order. Lastly, I added the guitar instrumental track from Soundcloud. I used the razor tool to cut off the excess audio. Then I created a fade in and out for the music track at the beginning and the end of the recording. Next, I used I created different volume automation points for when the interview begins and ends so that the interview can be more clearly heard.

One challenge that I encountered while putting together my audio story was that the recordings had different volumes. At first, it was a bit frustrating, but I used the yellow line to adjust the volume levels accordingly. This made the recording sound more cohesive. In general, I received positive feedback from my TA and my peers. One common critique was that I needed to smooth out the transition between the different interview responses. To accomplish this I added a bit more silence in the beginning and end of each answer to help improve the flow. Also, to help improve the transitions I added a fade in and out on each track so that their responses were not as sudden and sharp. In addition, I decided to make my intro and outro music fade in/outs more dramatic so it seems that the recording is beginning and concluding.

Sources and Materials:

“The Next Step-Classical Guitar Instrumental” by The Tinkerbell Effect, 2014. Shared on with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Logo Sketch

My idea for the logo project is to trace a photo of a person sitting down or in dancers pose. I plan to add a lotus flower in the background and surround the entire logo in a circle with different borders. In addition, I plan to place the word “yoga” towards the bottom of the logo in a cursive font. Below are my sketches: img_4997

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